Below is a simple form to fill out to request scholarship money for a particular CRU @ NC State related conference. We are somewhat limited in our funds to be able to scholarship people a lot of money, however we do have some available for students for different events such as conferences and retreats. We will look at each request individually and will decide how much we can scholarship you and then contact you by email. As you prepare to fill this out, here are some general guidelines that may help you out and some of the things we will consider when determining the amount of your scholarship.

  • All scholarship requests must be submitted at least 3 days before the conference starts. (Ex. – If a conference starts on Friday-all scholarship requests must be submitted by the previous Wednesday at midnight) 
  • These scholarships are only for CRU @ NCSU, Meredith, Wake Tech & William Peace related conferences. (ie Fall Retreat, Winter Conference, and Spring Break trips, Leaders Retreats, Womens Retreat, etc) All scholarships will be handled through internal acct transfers only.
  • If you are requesting a scholarship, you must register online first and get your name in the system, even if you don’t pay anything, your name must be in the system before we can apply any scholarships. DO NOT go ahead and pay the full amount of the registration fee and expect a cash/check refund. If you receive a scholarship and have already paid in full for the conference, you will forfeit your scholarship and we will NOT be able to reimburse you for the amount you were to be scholarshipped – all scholarships will be handled through internal account tranfers ONLY.
  • Unless there are unusual circumstances, we will only be able to offer a 25% – 35% scholarship for any given conference or retreat. If you will still not be able to attend due to finances after this scholarship, you may contact one of the staff that you know and discuss further options.  We really want you to go, so contact us !
  • Travel and meal expenses will not be included in the scholarship and no cash or checks will be given out. All scholarships will be done by CRU internal account transfers only.
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