Where is God calling you this summer?

What do you want for your summer? How will this summer influence your life (finances, classes & career, family, friends &  relationships, personal growth, relationship with God, and affect on others in the world)? Knowing you only have a few summers left before getting a full-time job, what difference will this summer make?

On a Summer Mission with Cru, you will:

  • Go with a team of other college students.
  • Grow closer to God.
  • Experience the meaning of community.
  • Bring the Gospel to people who need Jesus.
  • See the world through God’s eyes.
  • Learn to articulate the Gospel to anybody, anywhere.

Sun and sand attract beachgoers to lay down their towels or walk on the boardwalk. You can  (learn to) give them a chance to hear about Jesus. These summer havens are also flooded with students for seasonal employment. Work alongside them and (learn to) share your faith with a co-worker, something you’ll be doing for the rest of your life.

The pulse of the city invigorates the senses and the soul as you bring Jesus to people where they work and live. Whether it’s coming alongside young professionals, downtown or serving those in need in the neighborhoods or pioneering a new ministry on campus, your feet on the concrete will bring the Good News.

From national parks to mountain resort towns, vacationers and college-aged seasonal workers live among the majesty – but not knowing Him who made the trees, lakes and mountains. Get trained on how to connect them with God as you grow in your faith in a strong missional community.

Think of any type of person or profession. Think of any type of activity. There is a Summer Mission for it! Medical. Athletes. High Schoolers. Specific Ethnicities. Internationals. Working at a Camp. Working in an Office. Working with Technology. Working with Design. The opportunities are many.